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Grants & Opportunities for Small Businesses - ON DEMAND TRAINING

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The #1 challenge for small businesses and nonprofit organizations across the board is a lack of capital.

Do you have enough cash to run your business successfully?

Many small businesses are finding they can no longer depend on their traditional tried and true methods and are having to pivot to recover even a small percentage of their former sales volume.

Freelance and gig workers are finding that much of their contract income sources have dried up as companies experience shutdowns and closures due to all kinds of interruptions to their normal business operations.

Nonprofit organizations are ALWAYS in need of finding new ways to diversify their funding.

This training, hosted and presented by Coach Niquenya, Master Business Coach and CEO of Building Bridges Consulting, outlines exactly what small business owners, freelancers, and nonprofit organizations need to know to successfully apply for grant opportunities.

Given the current climate of socioeconomic unrest, now, more than ever before, there are a multitude of grants and other financing sources available to small business owners and nonprofit organizations in various stages of business startup or growth. This training will ensure you know exactly how to find and successfully apply for the best opportunities.

What you'll learn...

  • Purpose of grants
  • Types of free money
  • Elements of a grant proposal
  • Specific requirements of a successful grant application
  • How to search for a grant
  • Current opportunities available to you
  • Other resources you can use

If you need capital for your small business or nonprofit organization, you don't want to miss out on this important training!

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This training arms small businesses with information and resources regarding current grant funding opportunities to launch or grow.

90-minute Training Video
Current Grant Opportunity List (updated monthly)
Downloadable Worksheets & Templates

Grants & Opportunities for Small Businesses - ON DEMAND TRAINING

0 ratings
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