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Easily Capture & Convert Coaching Clients with FREE Intro Coaching Calls

Coach Niquenya
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Home study program by Coach Niquenya of Building Bridges Consulting that teaches coaches in any niche to easily capture and convert coaching clients with free introductory coaching calls. Full training course includes a 29-page step-by-step guide, call script outline, sample call transcript, audio sample call, and a 47-minute video tutorial.

Coaches will learn:

  • what is an introductory coaching call and why use them
  • the top 5 mistakes coaches make that lead to no or low-paying clients
  • how to set-up and prepare for the introductory coaching call
  • the 8 stages of delivering a highly effective introductory call
  • how to immediately take action by implementing the introductory call into your marketing mix
  • how to overcome the number one objection - pricing - with a powerful strategy that makes saying "YES" to your high-ticket offers a no-brainer decision


You will also receive:

  • 1-on-1 Strategic Sales & Marketing Analysis that is guaranteed to find an additional $10K in annual revenue without spending a dime on marketing
  • 100Plus Powerful Coaching Questions: improve your probing skills
  • Customer Attraction Worksheet: strategize your marketing communications
  • Membership into the Life Coach Support Network for additional community

This program has proven results that work fast!  Here is what one coach had to say about this program:

"I have never purchased a program that was so complete. Coach Niquenya provides a step-by-step process with real world examples. I noticed I was definitely making many of the mistakes she outlines in the program. Highly recommended!" ~K. Harris

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Easily Capture & Convert Coaching Clients with FREE Intro Coaching Calls

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